Coach-Athlete Relationship Empowerment (CARE)

An online educational programme entitled Coach-Athlete Relationship Empowerment (CARE). It is developed with the athlete and coach in mind and is free to be used by all.

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CARE was funded by the International Olympic Committee and Olympic Studies Centre

The free online educational programme CARE includes information around the following topics:

  • The quality of the Coach-Athlete Relationship and its significance
  • The role of interpersonal conflict (e.g., misunderstandings, disagreements) in the Coach-Athlete Relationship
  • The importance of communication in developing quality Coach-Athlete Relationships that work better

It also includes quizzes, tasks and activities as well as interviews with high profile coaches and athletes as well as key stakeholders.

CARE can be used by coaches and athletes operating at all levels of performance from grassroots to international level.