First-class recommendations from world-class professionals

Fayyaz Ahmad, Great Britain High Jump Coach

Fayyaz (Fuzz) has expressed that the relationship, connection, understanding that is often developed between coaches and athletes can make an important contribution to athletes' performance success and well-being. 

Laura Myers, Former U21 England Hockey Goalkeeper

Laura has used Tandem to identify the quality and effectiveness of the relationship with her coach.

James Ross, Former Performance Hockey coach for women's first team (Loughborough University)

James understands the importance of good relationships and open channels of communication for athletes' performance development and personal satisfaction.

Jerome Goudie, Performance Hockey Coach for men's first team (Loughborough University)

Jerome works hard to perfect each players' skills knowing that the better they relate, communicate and interact with one another the better the overall performance. Here he coaches Daniel Faulkner, U21 England Hockey Player.

James Buswell, Former Performance Tennis Coach (Loughborough University)

James has always viewed good quality coach-player relationship as an important vehicle to supporting and motivating his players to improve technically and tactically.